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Flexible Chimney LinersInside of a Brick Chimeny                             

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Did you know that in higher-efficiency furnaces, exhaust byproducts (vent gases) in your chimney react chemically with the excess moisture to form corrosive acids. Moisture can seep into cracks in the bricks and mortar. In cold climates, the moisture freezes and thaws, and can cause chunks of tile and chimney to break loose. In the worst-case scenario, this debris could actually block the venting system, causing a potentially harmful situation. When not vented properly, excess moisture damage may not be limited to your chimney. Water could even drip back into your furnace, causing it to corrode. As it seeps through porous mortar joints, this moisture could also ruin neighboring drywall.

A Chimney liner will protect you and your home against the effects of condensation, including chimney damage, ruined drywall, corrosion in your furnace a backed-up exhaust gases, improperly sized or .

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Solves all these Chimney Problems:

  • Degradation of chimney structure caused by moisture in the flue.
  • Water damage to interior house walls caused by porous chimney liners.
  • Condensation leakage through chimney thimbles and cleanout doors.
  • Flue condensation caused by cool chimneys.
  • Staining of chimney masonry due to excessive moisture in the flue.
  • Insufficient chimney draft caused by improperly sized flues.
  • Spalling and other masonry damage resulting from freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Improper clearance to wood framing and other combustible materials.
  • Cracked flue tiles.
  • Unlined chimney or improperly constructed liner.
  • Inadequate number of flues within chimney.
  • Downdrafting or smoking caused by unsteady draft.



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