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I Build Custom Cabinetry for your HDTV / Plasma / LCD's - Get Professional Results and Unique Design

I have been doing professional carpentry in my handyman business for years. Been asked to do a wide range of projects from the ORDINARY to the EXTRAORDINARY. If you have an idea I can usually make it a reality. Yes, I will admit there are some things I simply can't do. But usually can find a way to accomplish your goals.

Recently I have received a number of requests for custom work from clients for their new HDTV's. Below are a few of my most recent cabinets. (Prices do vary based on design and detail)


Wall Mounting Available

And because I am a experienced handyman I can also wall mount your HDTV ($150.00), hide the cables ($50.00) and move your electrical supply ($100.00). Guaranteed NO WORRY Installations. (Prices are subject to change but rare.)

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Notice the Recessed Players

Now thats efficiency at it's best!


Contemporary & Practical
Cabinet / Shelf

Practical usage of space.

Wall Mounted

This unit was custom designed since wall mounting was out of the question.

Very simple but elegant and efficient cabinet

Look at that Cabinet SHINE!




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